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Climate change targets: Net zero, no hero for investors

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Aerial view of a woodland and in the centre are the words 'Net Zero 2050'.

“Net zero” has become a buzz phrase for climate-conscious companies over the past few years and has also infiltrated the world of investing. However, when it comes to investing, net zero targets are perhaps not the saviour that they seem to be in the corporate world. Find out more in this blog.

Inflationary benefits, inflationary risks

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Close up of man's hand as he holds a credit card towarsds a card reader which is being held by a woman who is blurred out

2023 started with inflation at highs last seen in the early 1990s. While inflation has been falling it remains above the Bank of England’s target. In this blog we consider the drivers behind inflation, why those drivers may lead to more volatility than we experienced throughout the 2000s, and the risk posed by deflation.

Data and the pensions administration journey

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Man standing looking at a mountain which is covered in snow. The image is taken in the early evening as the sky is a darker blue and some stars are visible, along with the moon.

When it comes to pension schemes, how do we achieve operational sustainability, solve the administration dilemma and make the journey easier? In this blog we reflect on the steps schemes can take to lighten the load imposed by poor data, leading to increased automation levels and more engaging digital offerings.