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About this blog

About us

Actuaries have analytical skills that help decision makers take account of financial risk and uncertainty. At the Government Actuary’s Department our mission is to support effective decision-making and robust reporting within government as the first-choice provider of actuarial and specialist analysis, advice and assurance.

We have a complex and pivotal role in helping the government spend wisely and save money. We apply specialist skills in insurance, investment, data science, modelling, quality assurance, pensions and social security.

About our blog  

We use this blog to think out loud, and let the world know what we're doing. Our blog posts explain the relevance of the work we do and provide actuarial views on topical issues as well as interesting insights into actuarial work.

We share stories about how our projects translate to real-world solutions demystifying the work of actuaries and sharing information about how our work impacts on various issues.
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Any material or information in these blog posts is based on sources believed to be reliable. However we cannot warrant accuracy, completeness or otherwise, or accept responsibility for any error, omission or other inaccuracy, or for any consequences arising from any reliance upon such information.

The facts, data, opinion and commentary we post on this site are not intended to be a substitute for commercial judgement or professional or legal advice. You should not act in reliance upon these without first obtaining professional advice relevant to your circumstances.

Expressions of opinion do not necessarily represent the views of other government departments and may be subject to change without notice.